What is a Paint & Sip?

Our studio is dedicated to providing a creative, social and welcoming environment (combined with a glass or two of your favourite wine*) through guided paint and sip sessions.

Over 2-3 hours together, our talented teachers will take you through each step of painting your very own masterpiece that you can take home with you!

All materials for our sessions are supplied and we offer some delicious nibble platters made with local produce for an all inclusive, hassle free experience.

Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion, practice your artistic talent, or just feel like having a drink in a fun and warm environment, Studio De Vin will have a class for you.

*Non-alcoholic options also available. 

Why Choose a Paint & Sip Studio?

It's been a stressful year to say the least. 

These unprecedented times have turned our lives upside down, as we've been forced to stay home and miss our loved ones. 

We all deserve a night of fun, relaxation and socialisation, and that's why a Paint & Sip night out is the perfect way to spend an evening.

Painting is a great emotional release that also aids in stress relief, as you are directed to focus only on colours, shapes and lines.

Your creative mind will be in full swing, whilst simultaneously relieving mental strain as all the negative thoughts, stresses and feelings from the day, week or year fade away. 

Plus, did you know painting boosts your optimistic attitude and memory collection skills? So why not kick back and do it with the people you love?

Add in a tasty beverage, the relaxed and warm environment, and a wonderful experience is at your fingertips!